We Are Systemick Agribusiness

Exporting Fresh, Quality, Produce

Fruits are delicious, nutritious, and versatile. But what if we could get them to you even fresher? 

That’s why we do more than take caution and get certifications. We make the motives behind food safety regulations to be our values.

Our Produce

Quality is the foundation of our business. We believe that quality should be the focus of every aspect of our production and packaging process, from seed to shelf. It is only by maintaining a consistent standard of quality that we can ensure that our products meet the precise standards for freshness, taste and appearance.

 Our products are hand picked, packed in light and non-corrosive gas and shipped using the most advanced technology available today.

Our Story

Supplying GlobalG.A.P. Certified Products & Services

Systemick Agribusiness is a grower, processor  and exporter of GlobalG.A.P. certified & conventional fruits from East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania).

 We are known as a house of quality fresh produce. We fulfill the needs of our clients with superior and consistent quality fruits for the international export market. We achieve our goals by working with a team of skilled workers who are dedicated to their work and have a thorough understanding of the food industry.


Our company is GlobalG.A.P. certified to export products to foreign markets.

Fresh & Healthy

Our farming methods aim to reflect the ecology of nature.

100% Organic Practice

We apply the use of natural substances in our farming practices and are working towards organic certification.


We maintain Export Standards and our company is certified to export fruits to international export markets. Systemick Agribusiness is looking to give its customers a unique service, that is why our philosophy is about adding value: customer focused, 24/7 response, market experience and deep knowledge in the fruit business.

Our Farm

The Is Our Farm.
Natural. Sustainable.


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