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Our farms and farmers form the core and backbone of our operations. This is why we have woven ourselves with farm operations, making farm business our core business, walking with them from when seed is put into the soil until and throughout the harvest period. When harvesting, we select only the best varieties, mindful of preferred customer and market specifications, and pick it just when the product is at the right stage.


Our company is GlobalG.A.P. certified to export products to foreign markets.

Fresh & Healthy

Our farming methods aim to reflect the ecology of nature.

100% Organic Practice

We apply the use of natural substances in our farming practices.

Hass Avocado


Hass Avocado

(Persea Americana)

Hass avocados have a pebbly skin that ripens from green to deep purple or nearly black, and they can vary in size from 140-360 grams. Although the skin is thick, it is relatively easy to peel. The flesh closest to the skin is pale green, and as it nears the medium-sized central stone it develops a yellow undertone. The flesh is soft, creamy, and barely fibrous, with good oil content. The flavor is rich and nutty with a slightly sweet finish. The main season runs from March to October and the fly crop November to December of every year. 

We pack our Hass avocado into 4 and 10 kg boxes. The product varies in size. The 4kg box can hold from sizes 12-24, while the 10kg can hold from sizes 26-30.

Fuerte Avocado


Fuerte Avocado

(Persea Americana Mill)

The Fuerte avocado is often recognized as the archetypal avocado, green in color, pear-like in shape, and ranging from six to twelve ounces in size. It has smooth, medium-thin skin that peels easily, with dense, pale green flesh. It is marginally oily with a rich, creamy flavor and notes of hazelnut, and it is still considered by many to be the best tasting avocado. The Fuerte avocado tree is large and spreading, one of the more cold-hardy varieties, and the leaves have a strong anise smell when crushed. The main season runs from mid-February to October of every year. Its sizes are from 14-24, which are all packed in 4kg boxes.



Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is oil pressed from the avocado fruit. Its mild taste and high smoke point make it a popular cooking oil, but you can also consume it raw. Avocado oil is very similar to olive oil in terms of utility and nutritional value. The main production season runs from mid February to October of every year. It is packaged into 1, 5, 10, 100 (Litres) depending on customer specifications.

Systemick Kent Mango


Kent Mangoes

Our fresh mangoes have calories, lipids, vitamins, and potassium, all of which aid in the body’s metabolic activities. The Kent mango is dark green with the occasional red blush, and develops yellow undertones when ripe. It is packaged into 4, 5, 10 (Kg) boxes depending on customer specifications.

Our Packing & Packaging

Our packing equipment is cutting-edge, and we only utilize materials of the finest quality. We’ll inspect your goods before it leaves our plant so you can rest assured that it will arrive in good condition. We offer a variety of packing boxes to meet your needs:
4kg cartons (35cm x 28.5cm x 9cm) or depending on the request (in packaging carton boxes of 4kg, 5kg, and 10kg) by the client. The packaging must adhere to H.A.C.C.P. Quality Assurance Accreditation, and the packaging material must be F.D.A. certified to ensure that the product is not damaged. The boxes meet all of the relevant export requirements, cold and weight resistant.

The 4kg boxes are packed into pallets, which can hold 276 such boxes. A 40 cubic-feet container holds 20 such pallets. One, 40 cubic container can hold  5,520 4k.g-boxes.


Our fresh avocados are delivered via the Mombasa port in CA (Controlled Atmosphere) containers on their way to Europe and the Middle East via sea. The fresh produce takes on average 15 days to arrive.


Our real-time pricing fluctuate owing to a variety of reasons. However, as an indication, the prices (FOB) range from US$1.25 – US$1.75 per kg.  Price range per box is US$ 5 – US$ 7.5 (FOB) depending on crop season, destination and other business related factors. If a customer requets for CIF, the same shall be added. 

Payment Terms

Prepayment (via Telegraphic Transfer) is necessary for orders of less than one container each week. Payment is made by letter of credit or bank/corporate guarantee for orders more than one container per week. This is subject to existing business relations.

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